LZ60KSP January 1st 2014 – December 31st 2014

Special callsign, celebrating 60th anniversary of LZ1KSP – the on air sign of radio club of Plovdiv. Thousands of people are part of this glory history and everyone has left a part of his life at radioclub. HF, VHF, contesting, DX-ing, ARDF, HSCW, radio constructing ….

A special QSL card will be issued to confirm every contact made with .

"60 years LZ1KSP" AWARD

"60 years LZ1KSP" award is issued by association "Radio amateur club - Plovdiv" to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of first amateur radio station in Plovdiv LZ1KSP and to promote radio amateur activities.

"60 years LZ1KSP" award is open to all radio amateurs and SWL under the following conditions: